QUEEN SIZE black gauze pattern straight iron bed





The surface of the iron pipe is sprayed.

Product size: 208.5*155*100CM,
Applicable mattress size: 153*203CM,

The main frame of the head and foot of the bed is a square tube of 25*50*0.9MM, and the size of the three square iron pipes of the headrest is 15*30*1.4MM.
There are two (cut off by one) 20*20*0.8MM square pipe in the middle of the bed frame.
There are 5 support feet under the bed, 3 square tube support feet are 25*25*0.8mm, and 2 round tube support feet are dia19*0.8mm.
There are two 12*24*0.8MM square pipes welded on the inner side of both sides of the bed.
The main body of the bed frame is 12 pieces of 70*12*1320MM plywood, of which 6 pieces of plywood are a group, each group is nailed together with a webbing, and the two groups are standing on the inner side of the bed with Velcro.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the iron bed is 500 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 61.73 lbs
Dimensions 31.89 × 18.51 × 4.93 in


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